The sword dance Moreška has been passed for centuries from generation to generation and has become an inevitable part of cultural and tourist entertainment of the town of Korčula in the summer period.

Along with Moreška on the List of Protected Cultural Items of the Republic of Croatia, there is the Kumpanija chain battle dance with swords, which is performed in Pupnat, Čara, Smokvica, Blato and Vela Luka, together with Moštra in Žrnovo, on the island of Korcula. The oldest record of Moreška dates to 1666 and the Kumpanija Law of Žrnovo dates to 1620.

Foto: Stjepan Tafra


Korčula Craft Beer Fest will held on June 21st in Korčula center. Welcome to all beer lovers – cheers!

Foto: Dimitri Medvedev
Foto: Dimitri Medvedev


Korčula island is famous for its viniculture and viticulture traditions, especially in the villages of Čara and Smokvica, known for Pošip white wine, and Lumbarda known for Grk white wine.

The events gather the island winemakers presenting the wines that are produced on the island. Fall in love with Korčula Island Wines - (June, July and August)

Korčuli – 31.07.2024. Korčula Island Wine Festival

Čari – 05.07.2024. Korčula Island Wine Festival

Smokvici – 19.07.2024. Korčula island Wine Festival

Blatu –  02.08.2024. Blato Wine & Dine

Lumbardi – Greek Wine Festival

Marco Polo Challenge triathlon:

is an international triathlon that includes middle-distance and spring triathlons.

The competition covers the entire island of Korčula, which offers ideal conditions for active tourism and engaging in outdoor sports activities.

The attractive middle-distance triathlon route includes 1,9 km of swimming in the Korčula town centre, 90 km of bike covering the entire island: Korčula - Vela Luka – Smokvica – Korčula, 21 km run, Korčula – Račišće – Korčula. The event includes a treasure hunt race through the streets of the old town of Korčula (cca. 2,5 km). 

Photo by Damir Pačić
Photo by Damir Pačić


There are three brotherhoods in the Town of Korčula: Brotherhood of All Saints, founded in 1301, the St. Rocco brotherhood, founded in 1575 and the Brotherhood of St. Michael, founded in 1603.

During Holy Week in Korčula, the three brotherhoods colourfully process through the town, with impressive costumes and religious regalia. The churches and halls of the brotherhoods hold exhibits evoking the rich history of Korčulans over the centuries.

Churches and brotherhood halls keep exhibits evoking the rich history of Korčula throughout the centuries.

Korčula - Procession


Half New Year Celebration Carnival, a traditional fun event, carnival parade through the streets of Korčula, each year attracts a large number of guests who are having fun until the early morning hours on the streets of the town of Korčula. Join us!

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U programu Festivala od 1.9.-10.9.2024.  sudjeluju viteška udruženja otoka Korčule: HGD „Sveta Cecilija“ iz Korčule, KPD „Bratska sloga“ iz Žrnova, VU „Kumpanjija“ Pupnat, VU „Kumpanija“ Čara, VU „Kumpanjija“ Smokvica, FD „Kumpanjija“ Vela Luka te Sinjska Alka, Sinj.

The sword dances were traditionally performed during the celebration of patron saints of the towns and villages on the Island. Today, they are performed as part of the Sword Dance Festival during the summer months as a tourist attraction. Kumpanija is performed in Vela Luka, Blato, Smokvica, Čara and Pupnat. Moštra is performed in Žrnovo and Moreška in Korčula.

Photo by Damir Pačić

The Korkyra Baroque Festival was established in 2012. in order to promote local and international music and cultural heritage. Magical concert evenings and Korčula’s impressive cultural monuments create a unique synergy. The Korkyra Baroque Festival has become a must-attend event on the global music scene. 

Photo: Boris Berc
Photo: Zvonimir Ferina


Vela Luka Outdoors is the greatest autumn island adventure If you wish to recharge your batteries before the arrival of autumn and experience the most beautiful island adventure, head towards Vela Luka in mid-September and partake in Vela Luka Outdoors Festival. This multi-day sports event has been known for years as the most interesting sports weekend in Dalmatia and each year it attracts an increasing number of runners, cyclists and adventurers for numerous reasons. With over 100 km of hiking and cycling trails passing through centuries-old olive groves, beside beaches, vineyards, pine forests, endless dry-stone walls, and abandoned round and dry-stone cottages - Vela Luka remains a perfect destination for adventure tourism.


Traditional dances take place in Blato, Pupnat, Žrnovo, Čara and Smokvica, forming part of the cultural programmes available to visitors as Folklore Evenings.


Blato Summer Festival (16/7 till 15/8) is a traditional program with rich and diverse cultural and entertainment events with a focus on preserving cultural heritage. The regular parts of the program are classical music nights. In previous years, the visitors enjoyed the performances by the principal opera soloists and soloists of the Croatian National Theatre and other renowned artists. During Blato Summer Festival you may visit exhibitions of local and foreign artists. The pop and rock concerts by popular Croatian artists are held on the square in front of the parish church. During the Blato Summer, visitors can learn about the Blato folklore heritage at the performances of V.U. Kumpanija (Knight’s Society Kumpanija). The society performs ancient dances in traditional and picturesque costumes. Very interesting is the scene reconstruction of the battle of Giča held in the year 1571. During the summer Blato organizes the Festival of klap’s of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Mediterranean Movie Nights and Summer Carnival.

Company from Blato


aromatic days of autumn in Vela Luka

At the end of October, and particularly on All Saints' Day eve, every corner of Vela Luka basks in Lumblija scent. The captivating fragrance of this autumn delicacy, of specific aroma and of excellent taste evokes memories of times past, carefree childhoods and grandma's kitchen.

Lumblija is a ritual sweet bread, an aromatic and fragrant delicacy baked on All Saints' Day eve in Vela Luka and in the western parts of Korcula island.

The custom called kolinde, where children visit their relatives and godparents and give them Lumblija, almonds, tangerines, dried figs and other autumn fruits, has been cherished in Vela Luka since ancient times.

In order to preserve the tradition of our grandmothers, and introduce this ancient recipe to our visitors, with a multi-day event Days of Lumblija we celebrate a centuries-old tradition of making this exquisite and superbly delicious bread - a symbol of Vela Luka gastronomy.

Lively and fragrant Lumblija baking workshops also attract an increasing number of tourists, who at the end of an interesting presentation have the opportunity to make their first Lumblija and bring a fragrant memory from Vela Luka to their homes. Children in schools and kindergartens also bake Lumblija and by doing so they continue nurturing this custom. The central and final part of the event is the bake-off in which the panel of expert judges chooses the best Lumblija, i.e. The Golden Lumblija of Vela Luka. If you savour autumn spices such as cloves, coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg or the secret ingredient of varenik (concentrated grape must), visit Vela Luka in late autumn and immerse all your senses in sheer delight.

Photo: Anđela Šćepanović
Photo: Anđela Šćepanović