Natural pebble and sandy beaches are perfect for some quality R & R. Discover secluded bays, surrounded with fragrant Mediterranean vegetation on the south and the north coast of the island. Famous for their pearl white pebble beaches, they are the favourite destination of keen appreciators of the Adriatic coast.

Choose between sandy beaches in Lumbarda, pebble beaches in towns or secluded beaches. The most famous beaches are on the Škoji archipelago, Banje beach and PORT 9 in Korčula, Vaja next to Račišće, Žitna next to Čara, Pupnatska Luka, La’Banya in Žrnovska Banja, Tri žala and Kneže, Istruga next to Smokvica, beaches in the bays of Prižba, Prigradica and Grščica next to Blato, beaches in Pičena Bay, town beach Vranac and Proizd next to Vela Luka.

Lumbarda – Vela Pržina sandy beach – the largest sandy beach on the island of Korčula

Lumbarda - Bilin Žal sandy beach


Korčula Town archipelago pebble beaches

Islet of Vrnik (photo: Dinko Franotović)
Island of Badija (photo by Dinko Franotović)
Islet of Stupe (photo: Dinko Franotović)
Islet of Planjak (photo: Damir Pačić)

Korčula – Banje pebble beach

Banje beach, Korčula
Puntin Beach, Korčula (photo: Boris Kačan)
St. Beach Nikola (photo: Boris Kačan)
St. Beach Nikola (photo: Boris Kačan)

Korčula – Uvala Luka pebble and sandy beach

Aminess Port9 Hotel & Residence
Aminess Port9 Hotel & Residence beach

Žrnovska Banja – La'Banya pebble beach

La'Banya beach (photo: Boris Kačan)
La'Banya beach (photo: Boris Kačan)

Tri Žala – pebble beach

Gravel beach of Tri Žala (photo: Dinko Franotović)

Kneže – pebble beach

Kneže Beach, Korčula (photo: Dinko Franotović)

Račišće – Vaja and Samograd pebble beaches

Račišće (photo: Boris Kačan)
Samograd near Račišće (photo: Dinko Franotović)
Vaja (photo: Neven Fazinić)

Pupnat – Pupnatska Luka is the largest pebble beach on the island

Smokvica / Brna – Istruga sandy beach

Čara / Zavalatica – Žitna and Čavića Luka pebble beaches

Žitna near Zavatica (photo: Dea Botica)
Čavića Luka near Zavalatica (photo: Dea Botica)
Zavalatica near Čara (photo: Dea Botica)

Blato - Prižba pebble beach

Prizba (photo: Franko Bačić)

Blato - Prigradica pebble beach

Prigradica by Franko Anić

Blato - Grščica pebble beach

Vela Luka – Pičena pebble beaches

Vela Luka – Vranac pebble beach

Vela Luka - Prozid pebble beach