Let your vacation be an unforgettable experience! The numerous bays of the town and island of Korčula offer refuge to those who prefer secluded oases. A network of paths crosses the island of Korčula, creating a network of routes through olive groves and vineyards, fragrant landscapes suitable for walking and cycling.

Choose outdoor activities in every season; hiking with the intoxicating scents of aromatic herbs in the spring months, through ripe vineyards of olive trees or heavy canopies of olive trees in autumn. You will discover that this sunny island is ideal for spending time in nature, even in the winter months.

The island, whose contours are almost black due to the dense forest of holm oak and pine, was colonized by the ancient Greeks, calling it "Black Korčula" (Greek: "Korkyra Melaina"; Latin: "Korkyra Nigra"). Legend has it that Korčula was the nymph of Korkyra, which the jealous Poseidon turned into an island paradise.

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Photo by Damir Pačić
Photo by Damir Pačić