Owing to quality, seasonal local ingredients, abundance of seafood and high quality wines, the island of Korčula is a must-visit for all food enthusiasts. Local specialties worth seeking out are Žrnovo-style homemade makaruni pasta, Korčula-style traditional beef stew pašticada with homemade gnocchi, seafood risotto and a traditional fish stew brodet, to name a few. 

The mouth-watering delicacies are seasoned with olive oil from Korčula whose top quality has been confirmed with protected designation of origin and protected geographical indication at the EU level since 2016. Olive oil tasting rooms are a must-visit for all healthy living enthusiasts.  

Sea food by Damir Pačić

Fertile fields, mild climate and the abundance of seafood are perfect for imaginative dishes from fresh ingredients close at hand. Enjoy the sunsets with a glass of high quality wine made from autochthonous wine variety pošip or grk rukatac which are perfectly paired with traditional meat or fish dishes.

Try prošek, a dessert wine traditionally produced from dried grapes of autochthonous varieties on the mainland and the islands of Dalmatia as well as fragrant brandies (rakija) made from herbs, carob and rose.

Make sure you indulge your sweet tooth with Korčula-style desserts such as klašuni, cukarini, rozata, bruštulane mindele, arancini, sirnice, lumblije and lojenice.

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Photo by Dea Botica
Photo by Dea Botica